52 Magic for the lowest level spell requiring this rune.
90 Runecrafting, Soul talisman and completion of 'Phite Club to craft at the Soul altar.
Where Found:
Runecrafted using the ZMI Altar; Bought from Magic Store owner in the Wizards' Guild and Ali Morrisane after the Rogue Trader mini-game; Possible monster drop.
Item Uses:
Used in weakening spells and in tele-other spells. Used in the Legends quest.
Can be bought at the Mage Training Arena for either 2 Telekinetic Points or 2 Alchemist Points or 25 Enchantment Points or 2 Graveyard Points.
0 kg
Examine Information:
Used for high level curse spells.
Dropped By:
Bladed muspah Dust devil Dust devil (elite) Force muspah
Ghostly warrior Giant wasp (84) Iron dragon Mithril dragon
Nightmare Skeletal Wyvern Spiritual mage (Armadyl) Spiritual mage (Bandos)
Spiritual mage (Saradomin) Spiritual mage (Zamorak) Steel Dragon Throwing muspah
Warped terrorbird Wyvern Zamorak crafter

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