Combat Effects:
Damage Accuracy
21 0

Strength Magic Ranged
0 0 0

Attributes Armour Life Bonus Prayer Bonus
479 1440 2

Styles Class Attack Style Attack Speed
Ranged N/A N/A
92 Crafting to make (Exp: 1,000); 90 Defence to wear.
Where Found:
Player made (See Notes Section).
Item Uses:
Wear for protection; Can be Augmented; Used to make Elite sirenic chaps by using with 280 Ancient scales and 2 Algarum thread.
Made using 28 Sirenic scales and 2 Algarum thread. These chaps degrade to dust after receiving approximately 60,000 hits.

Can be used with a Barrows dye, Blood dye, Ice dye, Shadow dye, or Third-age dye to make the dyed versions of the item. The Dyed versions of the Sirenic mask do not degrade to dust and can be repaired with Sirenic scales.
9 kg
Examine Information:
Made from sirenic scales and strengthened by algarum thread. Woven into chaps as part of a set of armour.

This Data was submitted by: Javezz and Fuzzyjoe162.

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