45 Dungeoneering and 45 Ranged to use on Maple shieldbow; 45 Dungeoneering and 55 Ranged to use on Magic Shieldbow; 45 Dungeoneering and 65 Ranged to use on Elder shieldbow.
Where Found:
Purchased from the Rewards trader.
Item Uses:
Attached to a Maple, Magic, Elder shieldbow to increase the accuracy, damage, defence, and range.
Using this item on shieldbows creates the following items:
Initial Shieldbow Requirements to Attach Sighted Shieldbow
Maple shieldbow Maple shieldbow 45 Dungeoneering
45 Ranged
Maple shieldbow sighted Maple shieldbow (sighted)
Magic shieldbow Magic Shieldbow 45 Dungeoneering
55 Ranged
Magic shieldbow sighted Magic shieldbow (sighted)
Elder shieldbow Elder shieldbow 45 Dungeoneering
65 Ranged
Elder shieldbow sighted Elder shieldbow (sighted)
Note that this item can be removed and reattached to another Shieldbow without any penalty.
0 kg
Examine Information:
For improving the performance of a maple, magic or elder shieldbow.

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