Retain After Quest?
Must have started The Needle Skips.
Where Found:
Obtained when first searching the Needle.
Item Uses:
Used to type keywords and discover/review memories.
When you "Commune" with this item, it will open up a new window. Here you will see where you can type in keywords to discover memories associated with The Needle Skips. When completing the quest, you can choose to just use 1 word to complete it as fast as possible, to use about a dozen words to unlock all the memories, or to use all associated words with that chapter. Note that finding all of the keywords for all 3 chapters will complete the "Pulling on the Threads" requirement for the Master Quest Cape.

After completion of the associated quest, if you have unlocked the entire Hub track, this item can be retrieved from the Quest Item Storage chest at the Quest Point Caravan if lost or destroyed. Otherwise, a new one can be obtained by searching the Needle or from Megan.

Unless you did not unlock all keywords during The Needle Skips, and will do them relatively soon, there is no real need to keep this item after the quest has been completed. As such, it can be destroyed or kept as you desire.
2 kg
Examine Information:
A piece of an elder artifact that can restitch the threads of fate.

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