85 Crafting to use.
Where Found:
Obtained from a gold chest in the Shades' Tomb during Mort'ton Shade Burning (a Gold key is required to open the chest).
Item Uses:
Used to decorate various staves (See Notes).
You can be assisted to create one of the following staves if you do not have the required level. You will gain 130 Crafting experience for the staves created. Note that the new staves have only been changed cosmetically, there is no change in stats or function of the staff!

Using the skull with the following items will create:
Use on... Get
Normal Staves
Staff of air Skeletal staff of air
Staff of earth Skeletal staff of earth
Staff of fire Skeletal staff of fire
Staff of water Skeletal staff of water
Battle Staves
Air battlestaff Skeletal battlestaff of air
Earth battlestaff Skeletal battlestaff of earth
Fire battlestaff Skeletal battlestaff of fire
Lava battlestaff Skeletal battlestaff of lava
Mud battlestaff Skeletal battlestaff of mud
Steam battlestaff Skeletal battlestaff of steam
Water battlestaff Skeletal battlestaff of water
Mystic Staves
Mystic air staff Necromancer's air staff
Mystic earth staff Necromancer's earth staff
Mystic fire staff Necromancer's fire staff
Mystic lava staff Necromancer's lava staff
Mystic mud staff Necromancer's mud staff
Mystic steam staff Necromancer's steam staff
Mystic water staff Necromancer's water staff
The skull can be removed from the attached staff at anytime. The skull will then be on a cooldown for 5 minutes before it can be attached to a staff again, as such, it is not a recommended training method for Crafting.
0.2 kg
Examine Information:
Imbued with mystical energies.

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