10 Woodcutting to cut (Exp: 60);10 Firemaking to burn (Exp: 44.5);11 Fletching to fletch (Exp: 9+);12 Summoning to make pouch (Exp: 20.5).
Where Found:
The Seeping elm branches (Tier 2) is an item that can only be obtained while Dungeoneering. They may be purchased from the Smuggler, received as a monster drop, or cut from a Seeping elm tree.
Item Uses:

The branches can be burned using a tinderbox, level 10 Firemaking and granting 44.5 experience. The fire can then be used to cook food.


Members can create a number of useful items these include the Seeping elm shortbow (u) (requiring level 11 Fletching and granting 9 experience), and the Seeping elm longbow (u) (requiring level 16 Fletching and granting 10.3 experience). This experience is doubled if you then attach a bow string to the unstrung bow.

Arrow shafts may also be fletched at the rate of 21 arrow shafts per branch used, requiring level 10 Fletching.

The branches can be made into a Seeping elm trap, requiring level 13 Fletching and granting 21.6 experience. This can be placed using the Hunter skill, and is used to trap a bovimastyx. Out of all the items that can be made from these branches, the trap also grants the most Fletching experience per branch used, making it potentially the most useful for training the Fletching skill within Daemonheim.


2 Seeping elm branches are the tertiary ingredients for infusing a Little deathslinger pouch, together with a Gold charm. This requires level 12 Summoning and grants 20.5 Summoning experience.
1 kg
Examine Information:
There's enough wood here to be of use. (Tier 2)

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