Access to the Player-Owned Farms to make.
Where Found:
Player Made (See Notes).
Item Uses:
Used to feed Rabbits, Chickens, and Spiders; Used to make Variety mush.
This item is created by adding 1 or more seeds to a trough. Note that using any other mush type or ingredient type while seeds are in the trough will create a Variety mush.

Ingredients that can be used to create this mush include:
Potato seed Onion seed Cabbage seed Tomato seed
Sweetcorn seed Strawberry seed Watermelon seed Snape grass seed
Sunchoke seed Fly trap seed Marigold seed Rosemary seed
Nasturtium seed Woad seed Limpwurt seed White lily seed
Butterfly flower seed Barley seed Hammerstone seed Asgarnian seed
Jute seed Yanillian seed Krandorian seed Wildblood seed
Reed seed Grapevine seed Guam seed Marrentill seed
Tarromin seed Harralander seed Gout tuber Ranarr seed
Spirit weed seed Toadflax seed Irit seed Wergali seed
Avantoe seed Kwuarm seed Bloodweed seed Snapdragon seed
Cadantine seed Lantadyme seed Dwarf weed seed Torstol seed
Fellstalk seed Redberry seed Cadavaberry seed Dwellberry seed
Jangerberry seed Whiteberry seed Poison ivy seed Barberry seed
Wishing well bush seed Acorn Willow seed Maple seed
Yew seed Magic seed Spirit seed Elder seed
Apple tree seed Banana tree seed Orange tree seed Curry tree seed
Pineapple seed Papaya tree seed Palm tree seed Calquat tree seed
Evil turnip seed Belladonna seed Harmony moss seed Bittercap mushroom spore
Morchella mushroom spore Red blossom seed Green blossom seed Blue blossom seed
Cactus seed Prickly pear seed Potato cactus seed Erzille seed
Argway seed Ugune seed Shengo seed Samaden seed
Lergberry seed Kalferberry seed Rumberry seed Exuberry seed
Fireberry seed Blisterberry seed Mournberry seed Stoneberry seed
Stormberry seed Rosaberry seed Squiffberry seed Meloberry seed
Jitterberry seed Cocoaberry seed Smoulderberry seed Sourberry seed
Gloomberry seed Musaberry seed
0 kg
Examine Information:
This is what happens when you squish a bunch of seeds into a farming trough. Farm animals seem to enjoy it.

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