No Requirements.
Where Found:
Monster drop:

Mummy 125 (Drops 1)
Dried zombie 89, 94, 110 (Drops 1)
Skeleton 97 108 115 120 140 (Drops 1)
Locust lancer 109 (Drops 4)
Locust ranger 98 (Drops 4)
Scabaras lancer 112 (Drops 4)
Scabaras ranger 103 (Drops 4)
Item Uses:
A player must gather four different notes for the quest Dealing with Scabaras by killing Skeletons, Dried zombies and Scabarites north of the archaeologist camp, as well as Mummies to the west. The notes are then transferred into the empty Scabaras research book, and returned to Lead archaeologist Abigail.
There are a total of 19 different types of Scabarite notes.

Tattered papyrus
Shabby papyrus
Smelly papyrus
Fine papyrus
Cheap papyrus
Well-made papyrus
High-grade papyrus
Greasy papyrus
Damp papyrus
Oily papyrus
Scented papyrus
Soft papyrus
Brittle papyrus
Recent papyrus
Well-preserved papyrus
Exquisite papyrus
Hastily-written papyrus
Tatty papyrus (northern chest, larger size)
Creased papyrus (southern chest, smaller size)
1 kg
Examine Information:
Different for each note, see article.

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