Retain After Quest?
Must have started Enakhra's Lament.
Where Found:
Given to you by Lazim, at the Quarry in the Kharidian Desert, in exchange for 20kg of sandstone blocks.
Item Uses:
Used during Enakhra's Lament.
Used with a Chisel to make a Sandstone body. If lost or destroyed, it can be retrieved by giving Lazim another 32kg of sandstone blocks.
We recommend mining Sandstone after the completion Crocodile Tears part of the Menaphos questline, it will grant a player immunity from the desert heat if they intend to mine in the Desert Quarry . In addition the city of Menaphos provides close proximity to a bank deposit box and multiple rocks that make this mining spot an ideal place to mine Sandstone.
20 kg
Examine Information:
A huge twenty-kilo block of sandstone.

This Data was submitted by: Alfawarlord and Powotae

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