35 Mining to collect (Exp: 60).
Where Found:
Mined; Player made (See Notes Section).
Item Uses:
Used during Enakhra's Lament; Can be Crafted into Sandstone (5kg), Sandstone (2kg), or Sandstone (1kg) blocks in a single step (Exp: 1).
Can be mined at the Quarry in the Kharidian Desert, mined in the Worker District of Menaphos or made by crafting a Sandstone (5kg). During the Enakhra's Lament quest, Lazim will ask you to mine him some Sandstone. Gives 2.7 Menaphos Reputation.

We recommend mining Sandstone after the completion Crocodile Tears part of the Menaphos questline, it will grant a player immunity from the desert heat if they intend to mine in the Desert Quarry . In addition the city of Menaphos provides close proximity to a bank deposit box and multiple rocks that make this mining spot an ideal place to mine Sandstone.
10 kg
Examine Information:
A large chunk of sandstone.

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