No requirements.
Where Found:
You can get it from any chest, box, or crate randomly, pening ogre coffins, found at digsite, and it can be pickpocketed from H.A.M members.
Item Uses:
Can be taken to Tindel Merchant in Port Khazard and he will identify it as a random type sword. If the sword is very "valuable" he will immediately buy it off you without question. Can also be repaired in your house.
Tindal, located on Port Khazard docks, will fix up Rusty swords for a fee of 100gp. Can be used with the Whetstone and armor stand to sharpen rusty swords. When this is done it sharpens the sword into a bronze, iron, steel, black, or mith sword or longsword. You can also repair this sword in your own house on your whetstone (35 construction to make), when repaired a random you will receive a random sword.
2 kg
Examine Information:
A decent-enough weapon gone rusty.
Dropped By:

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