86 Summoning to make and summon (Exp: 756.5).
Where Found:
Player made (See notes section).
Item Uses:
Used to summon a rune minotaur familiar; Used to make Rune bull rush scrolls; Sold to Lord Amlodd or Bogrog for Spirit shards.
Created by using the following items at a Summoning obelisk:
Once summoned, this familiar has a duration of 151 minutes. The Rune minotaur is a Combat based familiar (Level 102), whom uses melee combat to attack.

If sold to Lord Amlodd or Bogrog, you will obtain 70 Spirit shards per pouch. This can be boosted to 77 Spirit shards at Lord Amlodd if you have completed the Hard Tirannwn Achievements.

Note that you will typically create 10 Rune bull rush scrolls, however, this can be boosted to 12 scrolls if used on the Obelisk within the Amlodd district during Amlodd hour.
0 kg
Examine Information:
I can summon a rune minotaur with this.

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