Combat Effects:
Damage Accuracy
0 0

Strength Magic Ranged
0 0 0

Attributes Armour Life Bonus Prayer Bonus
170 0 0

Styles Class Attack Style Attack Speed
Melee N/A N/A
50 Defence to wield; 92 Smithing to make (Exp: 150).
Where Found:
Player made (See Notes Section); Monster drop.
Item Uses:
Worn for protection.
The rune full helm is currently the best full helmet available to non-members. Made by using 2 Rune bars on an anvil with a Hammer in your inventory or toolbelt.

Rune full helms can also be heralded using a pluming stand, shield easel or banner easel. However, this will make the helm untradeable.

This item could once be enchanted using Summoning, however, this feature was removed after a ninja update.
2 kg
Examine Information:
A full face helmet.
Dropped By:
Aberrant spectre Aberrant spectre (level 78) Animated rune armour Black demon
Bladed muspah Blue dragon Brutal green dragon Cockroach soldier
Corrupted scarab Dark beast Edimmu Exiled kalphite guardian
Exiled kalphite marauder Force muspah Gargoyle Greater demon
Greater demon (elite) Green Dragon Gregorovic Jelly
Kal'gerion demon Lava strykewyrm Mithril dragon Mutated zygomite (level 65)
Nechryael Scarab akh Steel Dragon Throwing muspah
Tormented demon Tyras guard

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