Where Found:
There are multiple ways of obtaining Rune essence.

Free players may mine Rune essence in the Rune essence mine, unlocked after completing the Rune Mysteries quest. To reach these mines, players need to be teleported by one of several NPCs. Members will also mine Rune essence here until they reach level 30 Mining when they will automatically mine Pure essence on member worlds. Mining from one of the rocks with unlimited supply of essence gives 5 Mining experience per essence. Pickaxes are required, just like any other mining activity.

Additionally, members that have completed Lunar Diplomacy can access a mine in the north part of the Lunar Isle that contains a Rune essence.

On free-to-play worlds, a number of Rune essence is given to each player throughout The Great Orb Project activity depending upon each round's scores. Free players may also buy Rune essence as a reward from the activity at a cost of 1 Runecrafting Guild Token per Rune essence.
Item Uses:
Used to make nonmember runes.
After doing Rune Mysteries Quest, you can be teleported to the Rune Essence mine by speaking to Wizard Sedridor (basement of Wizard Tower) or Aubury (Varrock magic shop). Each Rune essence mined earns 5 xp Mining.
0 kg
Examine Information:
An uncharged Rune Stone.
Dropped By:
Rock slug Rock slug (3) Abyssal walker (1, 5, 10, 15 Noted) Abyssal guardian (1, 10, 15 Noted)
Abyssal leech Abyssal leech (1-15 Noted) Catablepon (level 54) (15) Catablepon (15 Noted)
Undead Troll (level 81) (5-6 Noted) Blood reaver (23 Noted)

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