These can be obtained at any level, but having a higher skill level in the respective skill increases your chances.

The thresholds for this pet are currently at level 99, virtual level 120, and 200,000,000 experience.
Where Found:
This pet is found whilst Mining.
Item Uses:
Can be summoned from the Pet Interface to follow you around.
You can unlock this pet while skilling on traditional mining rocks, Seren stones, red sandstone, and crystal flecked sandstone.

You can also unlock this by playing the lava flow mine and skilling at your clan's citadel.

Skilling pets CAN be obtained whilst training on portables, using skillchompas, or the Crystallise Seren spell.

You CANNOT get any skill pet while using protean items, playing Distractions and Diversions, playing mini-games, by using Experience lamps and stars, or Silverhawk boots.

You cannot obtain this skill pet whilst training Mining in Dungeoneering.

The Voice of Seren does NOT increase your chances at pets while training in Prifddinas however, you can still obtain the pet while skilling there.
0.75 kg
Examine Information:
Don't worry, he's used to people looking at him in ore.

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