Retain After Quest?
64 Crafting (Exp. Unknown) to fix; Reached a certain point in The Branches of Darkmeyer quest to fix.
Where Found:
Search chests in houses around the lower tier of Darkmeyer.
Item Uses:
Fix to make wearable Darkmeyer boots.
There are four ripped disguise pieces to find in the chests. The other three pieces are ripped darkmeyer hood, ripped darkmeyer torso and ripped darkmeyer trousers.

Use with a needle or dwarven army axe and a whole reel of thread to repair. During the quest a needle and/or thread can be obtained from Vanescula Drakan, if you do not have them.

The repaired version of this item is Darkmeyer boots.
0 kg
Examine Information:
These would make a good vyrewatch disguise if they weren't ripped.

This Data was submitted by: Vane.

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