No Requirements.
Where Found:
Monster Drop; Player made (See Notes).
Item Uses:
Wearing this ring provides Tier 2 luck enhancement; teleport to Miscellania and the Grand Exchange in Varrock
Made by casting Level 5 Enchant spell on a Dragonstone ring; level 68 Magic required to enchant.

Teleporting to Miscellania or the Grand Exchange in Varrock uses 1 charge for each teleport. The Ring of wealth can be recharged at the Fountain of Heroes beneath the Heroes' Guild or at the Tears of Seren in the Cadarn sector of Prifddinas.

Tier 2 luck includes:
0.006 kg
Examine Information:
An enchanted ring.
Dropped By:
Hydrix dragon Lava strykewyrm WildyWyrm

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