7 Magic to enchant(Exp: 17.5).
Where Found:
Player made (See Notes).
Item Uses:
Wearing this ring provides Tier 1 luck enhancement.
Made by using the Level 1 Enchant spell on a Lapis lazuli ring.

Tier 1 luck includes:

This ring affects the luck of the following Slayer Monsters (Slayer level 1-50):
Banshee Basilisk Bloodveld (level 61) Bloodveld (level 68)
Bloodveld (level 92) Brine Rat Cave bug (level 8) Cave bug (level 12)
Cave crawler (level 53) Cave crawler (level 74) Cave crawler (level 78) Cave Slime
Cockatrice Crawling hand (level 11) Crawling hand (level 18) Desert Lizard (level 35)
Desert Lizard (level 49) Desert Lizard (level 63) Fever Spider Gelatinious abomination
Harpie Bug Swarm Killerwatt Infernal Mage Mighty Banshee
Molanisk Mogre Mutated Bloodveld (level 91) Mutated Bloodveld (level 95)
Pyrefiend Rockslug Skeletal hand Terror dog (level 61)
Terror dog (level 65) Wall Beast Zombie hand

For more information about luck, please see the Rare Drop Table Special Report.
0.006 kg
Examine Information:
An enchanted Lapis lazuli ring, this should make me more lucky.

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