No Requirements.
Where Found:
Possible reward from Treasure Trails (Any level Clue scroll); Possible reward from a Fire spirit.
Item Uses:
Used to make red fires for extra experience or decoration; Used to activate the Firelighter buff.
These can be used on Logs to make Red logs. When a Red log is lit, you will earn 10 extra experience (50 total per log) and the fire will burn red. Note that it will not affect either the length of time the fire lasts nor grant any perks for cooking upon it.

Fire lighters can also be struck to activate the "Firelighter buff". This will enable a 5 minute long buff where all Fire spirits will be collected into your inventory. Multiple firelighters can be struck at a time to increase the buff for up to 60 minutes (12 firelighters). See our Fire Spirit guide section to learn more about them and what they do.

Firelighters come in 5 different colors:
Quantity Required Materials Received Base Junk Chance
1 1 Junk 98.9%
Invention Experience
Possible Materials
Simple parts Simple parts 99%
Variable components Variable components 1%
0 kg
Examine Information:
Makes firelighting a lot easier.

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