90 Fishing to catch.
Where Found:
Fishing spots found on Waiko; also can be washed ashore on Uncharted Isles; or bought from Salmon Max, if he has stock.
Item Uses:
9 of these can be made into 1 Fish oil at 91 Cooking; sold to Salmon Max for 1 Chime; or 20 can be transmuted into 10 Raw seerfish at 90 Divination with the use of 2 Ancestral energy.
You will need to have Wushanko fishing bait to catch this fish unless you have unlocked baitless (Tier 5) fishing in the aquarium of your Player-Owned house.

132.5 experience is gained when successfully caught.

It is possible to fail cooking this item and create a Burnt tarpon.
0.55 kg
Examine Information:
I can cook this to make fish oil.
Dropped By:

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