50 Fishing to obtain (Exp: 100, or 200 with Swordfish gloves); 45 Cooking to cook (Exp: 140, or 154 on a bonfire); 53 Divination to create a Divine swordfish bubble (Exp: 13).
Where Found:
Player caught (See Notes Section); Monster drop.
Item Uses:
Cooked to create Swordfish; Fed to growing kitten; Used to create a Divine swordfish bubble.
Raw swordfish can be caught with a Harpoon (or barehanded with atleast 70 Fishing and 50 Strength which yields an additional 10 Strength experience), at the following Cage/Harpoon fishing spots:

This item can also be obtained from the Rare Drop Table.

You will need 20 Raw swordfish to create a Divine swordfish bubble. This costs 70 Gleaming energy and yields 13 Divination experience.

At level 86 Cooking you will stop burning Swordfish, or 80 while wearing Cooking gauntlets.

Although Raw swordfish are sold at various fishing shops (Gerrant's, Roachey's, Charley's, and Fishmonger's shop for example), the base stock is always 0.

With an Agility level of 50 or higher, you have a chance of fishing 2 Raw swordfish in one go, but you only receive experience for one. While fishing there is also a (rare) chance of catching a Big swordfish, which can be stuffed by a Taxidermist and then used in your Skill Hall (requires 56 Construction).
0.5 kg
Examine Information:
I should try cooking this.
Dropped By:

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