91 Fishing to catch.
Where Found:
Fishing spots found on Waiko and Whale's Maw; also can be washed ashore on Uncharted Isles; transmuted at 90 Divination; or bought from Salmon Max, if he has stock.
Item Uses:
6 of these can be made into 1 Fish oil at 93 Cooking; sold to Salmon Max for 1 Chime; or 10 can be transmuted into 10 Raw sillago at 91 Divination with the use of 10 Ancestral energy.
You will need to have Wushanko fishing bait to catch this fish unless you have unlocked baitless (Tier 5) fishing in the aquarium of your Player-Owned house.

145.5 experience is gained when successfully caught.

It is possible to fail cooking this item and create a Burnt seerfish.
0.55 kg
Examine Information:
I can cook this to make fish oil.
Dropped By:

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