97 Fishing to obtain (420 experience from swift location, 400 from normal locations); 99 Cooking to cook (297 experience on bonfires, 270 from normal locations).
Where Found:
Item Uses:
Cooked to create Sailfish
A Fishing rod (toolbelt works) and Fishing bait/baitless fishing perk is necessary to catch these fish.

There are 3 sailfish spots in the North West corner of the Hub. Typically, one of these spots is a Swift sailfish location. This means that you catch them at a higher rate than normal sailfish spots, however, the spot will move more often. On occasion you will find a Calm sailfish spot that will do the opposite – the spot will last longer and you will catch fish at a slower rate. The Magical net just West of the Jellyfish spots offers a moderately convenient location to bank what is caught.
0.4 kg
Examine Information:
I should try cooking this.

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