Unlocked Tier 5 Prawn Perk from the Prawnbroker; 80 Fishing to catch(Exp: 133); 84 Cooking to cook(Exp: 212) and make Great maki(Exp: 150); and 91 Cooking to make Great gunken(Exp: 180).
Where Found:
Caught from a normal Shark Harpoon fishing spot.
Item Uses:
Can be cooked, made into Great maki, or made into Great gunken.
With 96 Fishing, 80 Strength, and partial completion of Barbarian Training you can bare-hand catch Great white sharks. Once you attain 85 Agility you have the chance to catch 2 Great white sharks at once.
0.7 kg
Examine Information:
Not so great anymore! A versatile meat that can be used in sushi, or cooked for a delicious meal.

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