91 Fishing to obtain (390 experience); 95 Cooking to cook (235 experience).
Where Found:
Item Uses:
Cooked to create Blue blubber jellyfish.
A Fishing rod (toolbelt works) and Fishing bait/baitless fishing perk is necessary to catch these fish.

There are 9 jellyfish spots to fish from, some will be Green blubber jellyfish (level 68) and others will be Blue blubber jellyfish (level 91). On occasion, jellyfish of either color may become electrified. When catching electrified jellyfish, you will acquire a debuff stack. If/when this stack reaches 10, you will be stunned (cleared with freedom) and unable to catch fish from an electrified spot until your cooldown timer finishes. Note that this timer is typically about 2 minutes long, however, it will reset and stun you once again if you attempt to catch another electrified jellyfish before it fully clears. If your debuff stack has not reached 10, it is possible to reduce it by 2 stacks for each normal jellyfish caught; this will not help lower your cooldown timer after being stunned.
0.4 kg
Examine Information:
I should try cooking this.

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