1 Cooking to cook (Exp: 30, or 33 on a bonfire); 1 Cooking to dry on a range (Exp: 3); 49 Summoning to create a Bloated leech pouch.
Where Found:
Monster drop; Bought at various shops (See Notes Section).
Item Uses:
Cooked to create Cooked meat; Dried (on a range) to create Sinew; Fed to growing kitten; Used to create a Bloated leech pouch.
Can be cooked to obtain Cooked meat or used to create a Bloated leech pouch (requires 49 Summoning).

Members are also able to dry the meat on a range and create Sinew.

Raw beef can be bought at the following shops:

0.3 kg
Examine Information:
I need to cook this first.
Dropped By:

This Data was submitted by: CrazedFred, Firklover, pokemama, Radmite, Alk12, and Amoa.

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