Where Found:
This item can be bought from War-chief Reeves in the Mobilising Armies reward building.
Item Uses:
Can be used to carry a Bowl, a Bronze pickaxe, a Bucket, a Candle, a Knife, a Machete, a Needle, a Oil lamp, Pestle and Mortar, a Plank, a Rope, a Spade, Thread, a Tinderbox, and a Waterskin(4) around in one inventory slot.
The items in the Quest Kit (advanced) can be taken out and put back in. War-chief Reeves also states that if you bring it back to him when buying another Quest Kit (advanced), you get a discount on the new item. To refill the Quest Kit (advanced), if you do not have the items, you must complete another game of Mobilising Armies. To buy this item, your Mobilising Armies rank must be at least 200.
5 kg
Examine Information:
I can keep my adventuring items in here.

This Data was submitted by: Bazzy and Doctor_Feelgood.

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