No Requirements.
Where Found:
Given to you by various NPCs while doing a Treasure Trail.
Item Uses:
Solve to receive the next clue in a Treasure Trail or the reward.
Puzzle boxes are a sliding puzzle which can be one of seven different pictures depending on the difficulty of the Treasure Trail. Easy-Hard can have a picture of a castle, a tree, a bridge, or a troll, whereas Elite clues can have a picture of a Black dragon, General Graardor and the Corporeal Beast.

The puzzle itself is 5x5 square grid with all but one square assigned a random part of the image which you'll need to re-order into the correct positions by sliding them around so that your image matches the hint. Once done, you can talk to the NPC who gave you the box to obtain the next clue or reward. For more information and help on solving Puzzle boxes, see the Treasure Trails Guide.

If you are finding it too difficult to complete a Puzzle box or simply want to save some time, you can use a Puzzle-skipping ticket to skip the puzzle.
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Examine Information:
I need to solve this!

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