No Requirements.
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Item Uses:
Used to train Smithing.
The experience given for smithing a Protean bar depends on your Smithing level:

Smithing level Comparable Metal XP/bar XP/hr
1 Bronze 65 48,750
10 Iron 100 75,000
20 Steel 130 97,500
30 Mithril 165 123,750
40 Adamant 200 150,000
50 Rune 230 172,500
60 Orikalkum 265 198,750
70 Necronium 330 247,500
80 Bane 400 300,000
90 Elder Rune 530 397,500

A maximum of 60 bars can be smithed at once using the Make-X interface. Each bar takes 8 ticks (4.8 seconds) or 288 seconds for all 60 bars. These bars do not add to or change smithing progress or heat. A total of 750 Protean bar can be smithed per hour. The only smithing bonuses that work with protean bars are bonus XP and the Blacksmith's Outfit

Protean bars can be converted into any other protean item at a rate of 3:2. Every 3 protean bars becomes 2 of the chosen protean item. Likewise, any other protean items can be converted into protean bars with the same rate of 3:2. Every 3 chosen protean items become 2 protean bars.

Protean pack size Number of bars
Mini protean pack 10
Small protean pack 75
Medium protean pack 150
Large protean pack 300
0 kg
Examine Information:
This is a stackable bar that can be worked for Smithing XP based on your Smithing level.

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