58 Archaeology to obtain.
Where Found:
Found inside The Vault of Shadows accessed by the Blood button after solving the associated puzzle.
Item Uses:
Read to learn about the Vault of Shadows; Transcribed to your Archaeology journal for completion of the Mystery.
Below is the text you can read from within the book.
This was a strange choice to house the Vaults of Heriditas, on the fringes of the empire as it is. Surely, they would have been easier to protect in the capital, but I suppose they are easier to hide here...and the capital is in a state of furore after the fall of our Lord Zaros, so perhaps here is safer. It is also true that most of the treasures and artefacts housed here are relatively benign, and perhaps the one that isn't could not be moved.

One of the less dangerous relics is the soul gem of a Mahjarrat who was particularly strong with the element of shadow, housed within a diamond to mask its true nature. We took the idea from the Heart of Tumeken. It can both be spared from this place, and it can do some good. Once I have finished using it myself to shift the praetorium into the Shadow Realm, it can help to mask the movements of the fort civilians evacuating to a safer place. After that, I shall instruct for it to be hand-delivered to Azzandra - I feel there is much he could do with this particular relic in defence of the empire, and it does little good locked up here.

While I fear what prolonged exposure to the diamond might do to a human, I have long known Praetorian Titus to be a man of both integrity and honour. I believe he has the fortitude to not become corrupted by its presence, so long as outside influence does not sway his beliefs or ideals. Besides, I shall set him on a path to Azzanadra, and I know he shall do right by my charge.

-Praetor Trindine
This item cannot be disassembled.
0 kg
Examine Information:
This seems to have been torn from a book.

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