54 Crafting to make (Exp: 55); 105 Herblore to use (Exp: 1,150).
Where Found:
Player Made (See Notes); Purchased from Jatix and the Meilyr Shop (Lady Meilyr or Harmony pillar farmer).
Item Uses:
Used to create any one of six Powerburst potions.
Made by using a Glassblowing pipe with Molten glass.

Powerburst potions that can be created include:
Potion Level Experience Effect Ingredients
Powerburst vitality
Powerburst of vitality
105 1,150 Doubles current and max life points for 6 seconds primal extractpoison slimesaradomin brew
Primal extract, 2 Poison slime, Saradomin brew (4), and Rocktail
Powerburst masterstroke
Powerburst of masterstroke
108 1,350 Smithing progress is multiplied by 10 for the next 4 hits primal extractrunite stone spiritnecrite stone spiritbottled dino roar
Primal extract, 3 Runite stone spirit, 3 Necrite stone spirit, and 2 Bottled dinosaur roar
Powerburst sorcery
Powerburst of sorcery
109 1,400 Doubles the number of Runes per essence multiplier for 10 seconds primal extractsuper runecraftingblood runebeak snot
Primal extract, Super runecrafting (4), 5 Blood rune, and 2 Beak snot
Powerburst acceleration
Powerburst of acceleration
111 1,500 Surge and Bladed dive cooldown is reset and is 1.2 seconds long for the next 6 seconds primal extractstamina potionenergy potionspark chitin
Primal extract, Stamina potion (4), Energy potion (4), and 2 Spark chitin
Powerburst feats
Powerburst of feats
114 1,600 Familiar's special move costs 0 Summoning points for 10 seconds primal extractsnapdragonsummoning potionbottled dino roar
Primal extract, Clean snapdragon, Summoning potion (4), and 2 Bottled dinosaur roar
Powerburst overkill
Powerburst of overkill
115 1,700 Gain 40% adrenaline over 6 seconds primal extractsuper adrenalineBottled dino roararbuck
Primal extract, Super adrenaline (4), 2 Bottled dinosaur roar, and Clean arbuck
Please see each powerburst entry for improved recipes.
Quantity Required Materials Received Base Junk Chance
1 1 Junk 98.9%
Invention Experience
Possible Materials
Clear parts Clear parts 35%
Delicate parts Delicate parts 32%
Smooth parts Smooth parts 30%
Enhancing components Enhancing components 3%
0 kg
Examine Information:
An empty glass vial with a top-heavy shape.

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