76 Herblore to make Magic potion (Exp: 172.5); 25 Summoning to make Spirit kalphite pouch (Exp: 220); 86 Farming to grow (Harvest Exp: 92).
Where Found:
Respawns in the Kalphite Dungeon; Monster drop; Player grown (See Notes Section); Daily amount obtainable by speaking to the Weird Old Man.
Item Uses:
There are 3 respawns in the South East room of the first level of the Kalphite dungeon, next to Kalphite Soldiers. There are also 7 spawns in the second level, next to the Kalphite Queen (only in world encounter mode). The potato cacti take 48 seconds to respawn. Signs of porters do not work to bank them, but Magic notepaper to make them noted does.

A potato cactus tree can be grown in cactus tree patch with a Potato cactus seed. 3 Potato cacti can be harvested when fully grown, or 6 if you've completed the Hard desert achievements. This may be increased by an additional 50% by having a Giant ent familiar summoned (93 Summoning).

After completing atleast the Medium desert achievements, one may speak to the Weird Old Man to obtain an amount of Potato cacti from him daily. With a Desert amulet 2 you will obtain 20, with a Desert amulet 3 30, and with a Desert amulet 4 40.

Add Lantadyme and Potato cactus to a Vial of water to make a Magic potion.

Use 51 Spirit shards, a Blue charm, and Potato cactus to make a Spirit kalphite pouch. Eight (8) Potato cactus (noted) are dropped by the Fungal mage in the Polypore Dungeon.
0 kg
Examine Information:
How am I supposed to eat that?!
Dropped By:
Kalphite Worker Kalphite Soldier (1-2 Noted) Kalphite Guardian (2-4 Noted) Kalphite Queen
Desert strykewyrm (6-10 Noted) Ancient warrior (1 Noted) Blood reaver (1 Noted) Infested axe (1 Noted)
Fungal mage (8 Noted) Cadarn magus (4 Noted) Camel warrior (5-15 Noted) Crystal Shapeshifter (4 Noted)
Dung kalphite Corrupted scarab (1 Noted) Scarab akh (1 Noted) Vinecrawler (5-9 Noted)

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