Where Found:
he Portable crafter is an item available on Treasure Hunter.
Item Uses:
When a player uses this item, it will grant a 10% experience boost, a 10% chance to save hides and clay when crafting and a 5% chance to save a gem when cutting them, excluding onyx and hydrix. These item will be placed into your bank wheather there is space or not.
Left-clicking "Craft" on the crafter will yield the message stating you don't have anything to craft for some items. In this case, simply use the item on the crafter.

The crafter works with the following:

Clay items
Battlestaves - won't be saved
Molten glass - Sandstone glass works, but resources won't be saved
Protean hides

Flax cannot be spun on a portable crafter. Jewellery also cannot be made on a portable crafter - they can only be made in a furnace or a portable forge.
Examine Information:
A portable crafter, for your on-the-go crafting needs.

This Data was submitted by: DRAVAN

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