80 Farming required to make/recharge.
Where Found:
Polypore Dungeon. When sprinkling Neem oil over the creatures in the Polypore Dungeon, you have a chance a polypore spore will spawn.
Item Uses:
Use 3000 Polypore spores and 15,000 fire runes to make/recharge the Polypore staff.
Polypore spores are also used to partially recharge the staff, at a cost of one spore and 5 fire runes per charge.
0 kg
Examine Information:
These may be grown on a polypore stick.
Dropped By:
Infested axe (1-75) Fungal mage (17-49) Ganodermic runt (1-75) Grifolaroo (1-500)
Grifolapine (5-293) Ganodermic beast (1-1,252)

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