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Where Found:
Tree Gnome Stronghold Grand Tree 2nd floor from Hudo's groceries in northwest corner or Heckel Funch's bartending supplies in southeast corner.
From Pineapple plants west of Brimhaven and scattered around Ape atoll.
Can also be picked from player grown Pineapple trees.
Arhein in Catherby
Dell Monti Monster drop
Fruit bat pouch using Fruitfall scroll
Item Uses:
These can be used to make super compost. They can also be used as an ingredient to make drinks such as the fruit blast and pineapple punch.
Can be sliced or diced with a Knife for gnome cooking and bartending recipes. When sliced (yields 4 Pineapple rings), each ring heals 200 hp.
0 kg
Examine Information:
It can be cut up into something more manageable with a knife.
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