Retain After Quest?
Partial completion of Imp Catcher to obtain.
Where Found:
On the ground near the Healthy Imp.
Item Uses:
Given to Mizgog to complete Imp Catcher.
This bead is held by the Phlegmatic imp near the Water Altar within the Lumbridge Swamp, just North-East of the South-Western most mining site.

Talk to him and you will need to get him a Bowl of hot water. The easiest way to get this is to take a bowl from the Lumbridge Castle kitchen, and fill it with water at the sink.

If you are a free player, you can speak to the Imp again with a Bowl of Water in your inventory, and he will heat it up himself.
If you are a member, you can heat your Bowl of Water at the nearby range.

After you give him the Bowl of hot water or Bowl of Water, the Healthy imp will vomit out the Phlegmatic bead. Pick it up.

0 kg
Examine Information:
A small round white bead of apathetic mucus. (Imp Catcher)

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