The completion of Druidic Ritual.
Where Found:
Herblore store in Taverley.
Item Uses:
A Pestle and mortar is an item that is used to crush items into fine powder. Herblore skill based.
This item is associated with the Herblore Skill. It can be used to grind several items in order to produce a dust. It can be stored in the Toolbelt.


Unicorn horn - produces unicorn horn dust which is used in Anti-poison potions.
Chocolate bar - produces chocolate dust, used in energy potions and chef's delight brew. Also used in the quest Plague City. A knife also works for this item.
Kebbit teeth - produces kebbit teeth dust for use in the hunting potion.
Gorak claw - produces crushed gorak claw, used in A Fairy Tale Part II Quest and making magic essence potion.
Bird's nest - produces a crushed bird's nest which is used in saradomin brew.
Desert goat horn - produces goat horn dust for use in combat potions.
Blue dragon scales - produces dragon scale dust for use in anti-fire potions.
Mud rune - makes ground mud runes for use in extreme magic potions.
Sq'irk - produces sq'irk juice when crushed into a beer glass during the Sorceress's Garden activity.
Ashes - makes ground ashes for use in the Warriors' Guild.
Poison karambwan - makes karambwan paste, which can be used to poison spears.
Fishing bait - makes ground fishing bait, which is used to feed pet birds.
Guam, marrentill, tarromin and harralander - makes their respective ground versions for use in salamander bait/ammo.
Seaweed - makes ground seaweed which is an ingredient of fish food.
Neem drupe Produces neem oil which could be used to weaken monsters in the Polypore Dungeon.
Bat bones - makes ground bat bones in Watchtower.
Charcoal - makes ground charcoal in Digsite Quest.
Cod, kelp and crab meat - makes ground cod, ground kelp and ground crab meat in Recipe for Disaster/Freeing Pirate Pete.
Rune shards - makes rune dust in Garden of Tranquility.
Astral rune shards - makes ground astral rune in Dream Mentor.
Suqah tooth - makes ground tooth in Lunar Diplomacy.
Diamond root - makes diamond root dust in Glorious Memories.
Dried thistle - Makes ground thistle in Eadgar's Ruse.
Garlic - Makes garlic powder in Desert Treasure.
Black mushroom - Makes black mushroom ink, which is used in a number of quests.
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Examine Information:
I can grind things for potions in this.

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