No Requirements.
Where Found:
Purchased from various stores (See Notes for shopkeepers).
Item Uses:
Used to crush various items; Added to toolbelt.
Pestle and mortar can be purchased from the following merchants: Once obtained, you can use it in your inventory or add it to your tool belt. In most situations, it will function normally on your tool belt. For cases where it will not work, a notice will be provided.

Below is a table of items that can be ground and their uses
Item Ground Uses
Ashes Ground ashes Warriors' Guild
Astral rune shards Ground astral rune Dream Mentor
Autumn sq'irk (3) Autumn sq'irkjuice Juice consumed for +2 Thieving level and 30% energy
Given to Osman for 2,350 XP
Bat bones Ground bat bones Watchtower
Bird's nest Crushed bird's nest Saradomin brew
Black mushroom Black mushroom ink The Golem
Shadow of the Storm
Land of the Goblins
Dimension of Disaster
Blue dragon scale Dragon scale dust Antifire
Charcoal Ground charcoal The Dig Site
Chocolate bar Chocolate dust Energy potion
Chocolate cake
Chocolatey milk
Chef's delight
Hangover cure
Plague City
Clean guam Ground guam Guam tar
Clean harralander N/A* Harralander tar
Clean marrentill N/A* Marrentill tar
Clean tarromin N/A* Tarromin tar
Cooked crab meat Ground crab meat Raw fishcake
Desert goat horn Goat horn dust Combat potion
Diamond root Diamond root dust Glorious Memories
Dried thistle Ground thistle Eadgar's Ruse
Fishing bait Ground fishing bait Feed baby pet birds
Garlic Garlic powder Desert Treasure
Gorak claws Gorak claw powder Magic essence potion
A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen
Kebbit teeth Kebbit teeth dust Hunter potion
Kelp Ground kelp Raw fishcake
Mud rune Ground mud rune Extreme magic potion
Neem drupe Neem oil Harm Polypore monsters
Poison karambwan Karambwan paste Poison spears
Raw cod Ground cod Raw fishcake
Rune shards Rune dust Garden of Tranquillity
Seaweek Ground seaweed Fish food
Spring sq'irk (4) Spring sq'irkjuice Juice consumed for +1 Thieving level and 30% energy
Given to Osman for 2,350 XP
Summer sq'irk (2) Summer sq'irkjuice Juice consumed for +3 Thieving level and 40% energy
Given to Osman for 3,000 XP
Suqah tooth Ground tooth Gardener payment for Spirtit trees
Lunar Diplomacy
Unicorn horn Unicorn horn dust Antipoison
Super antipoison
Sanfew serum
Winter sq'irk (5) Winter sq'irkjuice Juice consumed for 10% energy
Given to Osman for 350 XP
*Automatically ground and added to make herbed tar when tar is in your inventory.

Quantity Required Materials Received Base Junk Chance
1 1 Junk 98.9%
Invention Experience
Possible Materials
Simple parts Simple parts 99%
Variable components Variable components 1%
0.056 kg
Examine Information:
I can grind things for potions in this.

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