No Requirements.
Where Found:
Casting the spell Bones to Peaches on Bones.
Item Uses:
Heals 500 Lifepoints as food, and can be used in the Graveyard at the mage training arena.
Casting the spell turns all bones in your inventory to peaches. Normal bones ONLY.
The spell can be learned at the Mage Training Arena. The spell costs 200 Telekinetic, 300 Alchemist, 2000 Enchantment, and 200 Graveyard Pizzaz Points. The runes to cast the spell are 4 Earth, 4 Water, and 2 Nature Runes. Peaches can be used as normal food, and also can be used in the Graveyard at the Mage Training Arena, where the rune cost is halved. Peaches heal 500 Lifepoints each. It is recommended to use the method of collecting bones and making them into peaches to eat at training spots far from banks. Peaches can NOT be noted. They are not used in cooking, and can not be sliced, diced, or altered in any way.
Examine Information:
A tasty fruit.

This Data was submitted by: Jettrider, Zandahar, and Star.

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