84 Herblore to use in an Adrenaline potion.
Where Found:
Grown from a papaya tree, requires level 57 farming. Can also be obtained from the Fruit bat's special move Fruitfall, 69 Summoning to make and use.
Item Uses:
Papaya can be eaten to heal 80 life points and restore 10 run energy. It is also the secondary ingredient of an Adrenaline potion.
Grown on a fruit tree patch using a papaya seed. Plant it in a pot, then replant it in the tree patch.
It takes 880 minutes to grow (14.6 hrs) and the farmer wants 10 pineapples to look after your papaya tree.
Heals 8. Gives 27 exp to farming when picked. Combined with a Super energy (3) to make an Adrenaline potion.
Examine Information:
Looks delicious.
Dropped By:

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