Retain After Quest?
No Requirements.
Where Found:
Nuff's certificate can be located by searching the shelves in Fairy Nuff's grotto during Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen
Item Uses:
Study it to find a secret message on the back and take it to the Fairy Chef to learn how to decipher it. Once deciphered, it is used to locate the Fairy Queen's hideout. The deciphered message on the back of the certificate reads: The godfather attacked us. We have fled to safety. If you are loyal to her majesty, find us by using coordinates "AIR DLR DJQ AJS". If lost or destroyed, it can be retrieved by searching the potion shelves in Fairy Nuff's clinic.
0 kg
Examine Information:
A scroll that says she's a healer, that's Fairy Nuff.

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