Retain After Quest?
95 Hunter to capture and loot jar.
Where Found:
Player Made (See Notes); Bought from Sensei Seaworth.
Item Uses:
Can be looted to gain a variety of rewards; Sold to Sensei Seaworth for 34-40 chimes.
Created by catching a Murderous orokami in an impling jar on the Uncharted Isles.

Possible loot:

Adamant claw (8 noted) Adamant sq shield (6) Adamant sword (7-8 noted) Magic potion(2) (2 noted)
Magic stock (10-11) Ring of recoil (4 noted) Sapphire amulet (4-6 noted) Shinigami orokami mask
Spirit dragon charm (10-14) Unpowered orb (6 noted) Water battlestaff (3-4) Water orb (5)
Weapon poison+(2) (2)
2.67 kg
Examine Information:
An unenlightened uncharted spirit in a jar.

This Data was submitted by: Numerous One and Ksb Single

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