Retain After Quest?
Must have started Monkey Madness.
Where Found:
Bought from Tutab or obtained from the Monkey Child.
Item Uses:
Used for making greegrees(See Notes).
To make a greegree: get some bones from the different monkeys scattered around Karamja or Ape Atoll and bring them with the Monkey talisman to Zooknock.

To reach him: go down the ladder South of the atoll and follow the long dangerous maze to the end. Use the talisman and bones on Zooknock and you will obtain a greegree.

The kinds of bones used will create different types of greegree:
Monkey bones: Monkey greegree (Karamjan)
Small ninja monkey bones: Ninja monkey greegree (small)
Medium ninja monkey bones: Ninja monkey greegree (medium)
Large zombie monkey bones: Zombie monkey greegree (large)
Small zombie monkey bones: Zombie monkey greegree (small)
Bearded gorilla bones: Gorilla greegree (bearded)
Gorilla bones: Gorilla greegree
Monkey skull: Gorilla greegree (blue)

When the greegree is created the talisman is consumed, however, a new one can be obtained to create any of the other greegree.
0 kg
Examine Information:
A magical talisman in the shape of a monkey head.

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