119 Farming to plant (Exp: 1,000).
Where Found:
Harvesting crops or animals; Collecting Manure; Searching Bird nest; Opening Crystal triskelion chest; Opening Crystal key chest; Completion of Farming Requests.
Item Uses:
Planted in the Money tree patch to grow Money tree cash bags.
When the patch is fully grown, it will produce 3 Money tree cash bags. Once harvested, another seed will need to be planted.

  • Seeds per patch: 1
  • Grow time: 2,880 min (48 hr)
  • Experience
    • Planting: 1,000
    • Harvesting: 60,000
  • Protection: Does not need protection.
Note that it is not possible to boost or assist to plant this seed.

If your inventory is full when found, the seed will drop to the floor beneath you.
0 kg
Examine Information:
Plant this in a money tree patch.

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