Must have completed Love Story.
Where Found:
Obtained from Runvastr.
Item Uses:
Given to the Wise Old Man to learn how to make Trollheim tablets.
You must ask Runvastr about his mining days to receive the diary.

If lost or destroyed, a new copy can be obtained from the bookcase in your Player-Owned House made through Construction.

When in your bookcase, this text is called Diary of Runvastr.

Below is the text you can read from within the book.
...but the prospectors don't think the seam has much promise. Bah, that's another day's hard work wasted.

Tomorrow, we're supposed to break through to a new network of tunnels. It'll be nice to mine some different rocks for a change.

We had some cheese in the rat sandwiches today. The thing growing on my toenail is still there.

5th Raktuber
Not much progress on the new tunnels. I suppose we'll break through tomorrow. Dozy got caught sleeping on the job again. Old Saggy-face found him curled up behind a minecart, fast asleep. Saggy-face gave him a quick wallop with the business end of his pickaxe; that woke him up, poor chap! One of these days, someone's going to pay old Saggy-face back for the way he treats us. Hahaha. Plain rat sandwiches for lunch. That thing growing on my toenail is getting bigger.

6th Raktuber
Terrible day. We managed to break through into the new network of tunnels, and started exploring. Suddenly Dozy came running out of his tunnel, babbling about trolls in there. Everyone started running around yelling, and old Saggy-face strode up to see what was going on. We told him there were trolls, but he said we were just making it up to get out of working; so, he marched into Dozy's tunnel to prove there was nothing there, swinging his pickaxe. Then we heard the roar of an angry troll, and a scream from Saggy-face, so we ran in to help him, but it was far too late.

Poor old duffer. We could see real fear on his face, when we managed to find his head.

On the bright side, the thing growing on my toenail finally dropped off!

7th Raktuber
Dionysius, the weird human who turned up in Keldagrim last month, has finally done something useful. When the news got back to the city, Dionysius said we should leave the problem to him, and he'd deal with the trolls for us. Well, we weren't going to stop him: either Dionysius could get rid of the trolls, or the trolls could get rid of him, and either outcome would have suited me nicely. Dozy and I led him to the troll tunnel and got out of his way. Suddenly, he started shooting fireballs from his staff! We'd never seen anything like it. The trolls didn't stand a chance: he drove them right out of the tunnel network.

Afterwards, there was a big party in the city. Dionysius had a lot to drink and started getting friendly with one of the barmaids from the Laughing Miner. She wasn't impressed.

They're looking for a new supervisor to replace old Saggy-face. I hope this one's nicer.

8th Raktuber
There's another thing growing on my toenail. This time it's green.
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Examine Information:
An extract from the diary of an old dwarven miner.

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