60 Mining to obtain and open.
Where Found:
Rarely obtained while Mining any of the following rocks: Orichalcite, Drakolith, Necrite, Phasmatite, Concentrated coal, Banite, Light animica, and Dark animica.
Item Uses:
Opened to obtain a Strange or Golden skill rock and 1 of several items (See Notes).
When opened, you will always receive a Strange or Golden skill rock unless you currently have them all or have turned off the ability to receive them. In addition to one of these rocks, it is possible to obtain 1 of the following items:
Anima crystal Banite stone spirit (25-75) Concentrated alloy bar (1-10) Corrupted ore (100-300)
Crystal triskelion fragment 1 Crystal triskelion fragment 2 Crystal triskelion fragment 3 Dark animica stone spirit (10-30)
Dragon 2h sword Dragon battleaxe Dragon boots Dragon chainbody
Dragon claw Dragon full helm Dragon halberd Dragon hasta
Dragon helm Dragon kiteshield Dragon longsword Dragon mace
Dragon platelegs Dragon plateskirt Dragon scimitar Dragon spear
Dragon sq shield Dragon warhammer Enriched alloy bar First Age coin
Gift for the Reaper Hydrix bolt tips (15-50) Light animica stone spirit (10-30) Off-hand dragon battleaxe
Off-hand dragon claw Off-hand dragon longsword Off-hand dragon mace Off-hand dragon scimitar
Off-hand dragon warhammer Onyx dust (5-15) Sealed clue scroll (elite) Starved ancient effigy
Uncut onyx

Note that there is an equal chance (1/16) for any of these items to be received. Dragon equipment as a whole is a 1 in 16 chance to receive, as such, the chance of receiving any specific piece of Dragon equipment is 1/384.

By default, you will begin with a 5% chance of obtaining a geode each time you obtain an ore, however, as your Mining level increases, you will have a higher chance of obtaining a geode. When obtaining an Igneous geode, you also have a 1% default chance of receiving a Metamorphic geode instead. It is possible to increase your chances of obtaining a geode with the following chance modifiers:
Item Boost
Amulet of glory 1%
Collector's insignia 2%
Collector's insignia (charged) 3%
Gem-finding scrimshaw 2%
Refined perk 1 2%
Refined perk 2 4%
Refined perk 3 6%
Resourceful aura 2%
Superior gem-finding scrimshaw 3%
Tier 1 Luck enhancers* 0.5%
Tier 2 Luck enhancers* 1%
Tier 3 Luck enhancers* 1.5%
Tier 4 Luck enhancers* 2%
*Chance that it will upgrade an Igneous geode to a Metamorphic one.
0 kg
Examine Information:
A rare hollow rock with something inside.

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