Access to Wushanko Isles.
Where Found:
Multiple locations (See Notes).
Item Uses:
Investigated to receive a Treasure map(Arc) that leads to a castaway.
Messages in a bottle are found in various locations on various days within the arc. Each bottle, found in a different location, contains a different map leading to a specific castaway.

Castaway Island Name How often Bottle is Found Where Bottle is Found Bottle Location Image
Azalea Oakheart Eisetes Cretor Every 6 days Islands That Once Were Turtles - North shore of the initial island, near the mushroom patch. Azalea Oakheart's Bottle
Harley The Hamlet Every 8 days Islands That Once Were Turtles - South shore of the second island, near the tortle portal to the third island. Harley Bottle
Manti Claws Christmas Island Every 3 days Aminishi Spirit realm - West beach, South of the stairs near where the Aminishi moai was located. Manti Claws' Bottle
Milky Joel Milky Bay Unknown* Waiko - South Eastern end of the island. Milky Joel's Bottle
One-Eyed Willy The Goon Docks Every 2 days Whale's Maw - Floating in the water near the South Eastern fishing dock. One-Eyed Willy Bottle
Salmon Ella Agar Atoll Every 10 days Goshima - Near the Southern edge of the dock, next to the water. Salmon Ella Bottle
Squick Quis-land Every 9 days. Islands That Once Were Turtles - West of the large rocks next to the wisp colony on the third island. Squick Bottle
Swabbie Steve The Island Which May or May Not Have Monkeys on It Every 4 days Aminishi - South Eastern area of the beach, near where Cap'n Ekahi was first met. Swabbie Steve's Bottle
The Cannonballs Cannonball Run Every 6 days Cyclosis - Southern shore of the beach, South East of the Divination location. Unavailable*
TzHaar-Ga'al-Knot Springbreak Island Every 5 days Waiko - On the coast of the North Western beach near Rosie. Tzhaar Ga'al Knot's Bottle

*Several times and locations are currently unknown. Please send us a submission if you know any of the missing information. Thank you!
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