95 Divination to obtain and fill.
Where Found:
Obtained by talking to The Archivist in the Hall of Memories after having filled and turned in Aagi, Seren, Juna, Edicts, and Cres.
Item Uses:
Filled with lustrous, brilliant, radiant, luminous, and incandescent data in the Hall of Memories.
Once received, a memory-storage bot is filled by harvesting 50 each of lustrous data, brilliant data, radiant data, luminous data, and incandescent data. These must be harvested within the Hall of Memories- attempting to do so at a standard wisp colony will yield no data. Once each data set is complete, it can be turned in to The Archivist within the Hall of Memories for 10k Divination experience. Doing this 50 times will unlock the achievement "The Archivist", which unlocks the title "[NAME] the Archivist".
0.75 kg
Examine Information:
Programmed to store energy from memories of significant importance. Automatically recovers data when harvesting from various memories within the Hall of Memories.

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