Where Found:
Obtained from Large, Medium, and small combat training dummy crates or from Treasure Hunter itself.
Item Uses:
You can deploy this dummy to gain experience that scales to your level in the Melee skills.
The Combat training dummies can be converted into other forms of combat dummies, at a rate of 3 to 2. When placed, a combat dummy can be defeated 5 times at most. After each defeat you will receive experience scaled to your level and an extra bit of experience when it is fully destroyed. If attacking a dummy you did not place: you can only attack it up to 10% of its health, will only receive 10% of the potential experience gained for your level, and only gain the experience once the dummy is fully destroyed.

There are a handful of restrictions associated with combat dummies. These include:
  • Area of attack abilities will not work
  • Familiars are unable to attack
  • Poison will not work
  • Life draining attacks will not work
  • Cannot be placed within a bank, the wilderness, and some minigames
  • Dwarven multicannon will not work
  • Augmented weapons and armor will not gain experience
  • Dummies can not be placed adjacent to each other
  • If the owner is not causing damage to the dummy, no one else can either
2 kg
Examine Information:
Deploy this to create an elite training dummy, on which to train your melee skills.

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