62 Thieving and access to the Thieves' Guild to obtain.
Where Found:
Upgrade purchased from Dodgy Derek.
Item Uses:
Kept in inventory when Safecracking to collect the loot.
This item is technically not needed to crack safes, however, you will not keep the look if you do not have this or one of the other size bags with you. Loot bags come in:
Typically, a safe will fill the bag 3-5%. This means that it will require 21-32 safes to fully fill your loot bag.
A full loot bag can be fenced for 34,900-46,400 Thieving experience, 128-171 Pilfer points, and 54,500-96,750 coins.

Note that you must have the previous size loot bag before you can purchase the next upgrade. If lost or destroyed, you can obtain the lost size bag from the Safe-cracking trainer.
0.45 kg
Examine Information:
To hold an intrepid thief's loot.

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