45 Woodcutting to cut (100 xp); 45 Firemaking to burn (135 xp); 50 Fletching to make bows; 49 Divination to transmute (10 xp) or 72 to upgrade transmute (21.7 xp).
Where Found:
Cut from a Maple tree (See Notes); Monster drop; Created via transmutation.
Item Uses:
Used to train Firemaking and Fletching; Transmuted into higher tier logs; Hot Air Balloon travel.
Maple Trees can be found at:

To create Maple logs via Transmutation, you need 49 Divination, 2 Sparkling energies, and 3 Willow logs. You will gain 10 experience.

This item can be transmuted into Yew logs. To do so, you need 72 Divination, 2 Lusterous energies, and 3 of these logs. You will gain 15.2 experience.

Maple logs can be fletched into the following items:
Fletching level Item Created Experience
45 30 Arrow shafts 12.5
50 Maple shortbow (u) 50
54 Maple stock 32
55 Maple shieldbow (u) 58.3
2 kg
Examine Information:
Logs cut from a maple tree.
Dropped By:

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